What we believe 
  • Organizations grow one person at a time 
  • Continuous personal growth is the key to personal fulfillment 
  • Strong interpersonal relationships are the key to business success 
What we offer you 
What we deliver to you 
  • Strong, confident, change-resilient managers and employees 
  • Targeted, cost-effective programs with no wasted time or "fluff" content 
  • Clear, concise, and focused missions, goals, objectives, and plans 
  • Real-world support in implementing organizational change 
  • Straight, street-wise advice on HR issues 
  • Personal, responsive attention to those issues that concern you most 
How we work with you 
We develop personal relationships with everyone with whom we work. We treat your business, your people, your results like they are our own. We know our solutions must meet your needs, and our style must match yours. We adapt our products and services to create unique programs to meet your specific needs. Beginning with a baseline assessment, we propose only those services that specifically meet your needs and organizational culture. 

Our track record 
Over ninety percent of our clients are repeat customers. Over seventy-five percent of our work is referred by satisfied customers. Most clients initially hired us for training, added OD work, and added HR work. Some of our clients have placed us on retainer to ensure our availability.

To help your organization grow ... one person at a time,
contact Grove Associates today!

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